Elevate Programme

Elevate – A Birla Enrichment Programme

For 2 to 12 Years

Elevate is not just a hobby but an exclusive enrichment program which also makes after school time matter. It aims to maximize children's creative potential and build their life skills to ensure that they make good choices and lead meaningful lives. It insulates protects & empowers individuals with creative solutions & expressions. This program is a necessary supplement that opens doors to lifelong opportunities for every participant, while sensitizing them to the society, environment and economy. This leads them to become positive global citizens.

  • Elevate offers a wide variety of creative mediums such as

    Visual Arts, Theatre, Dance, Music, Language enrichment Analytical & scientific explorations, Health & nutrition Edutainment And many more…

  • Elevate caters to all segments of the society

    Young Adults, Adults, Senior Citizens, Schools, Institutions, Government organizations, Non Government organizations, Corporate Community Centres, clubs etc.

A highly qualified staff with requisite skills and sensibilities ensure creative evolution in all learners. Group activities enrich performance, presentation, communication, interpersonal and intra-personal proficiency.

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