Extended Day School

Extended Day School

For 2 To 8 Years

Globe Tot'ers' high quality after-school care and enrichment programme is designed to meet the needs of parents and children in the age group of 2-8 years. The programme provides opportunities for children to be involved in a variety of enriching and recreational activities in a safe and caring environment; instills good habits and routines in children and makes after school time matter. The children are divided into three levels:

  • LEVEL 1 :- 2 years To 4 years
  • LEVEL 2 :- 4 years To 6 years
  • LEVEL 3 :- 6 years To 8 years

A home like environment, affable caregivers, individual attention, nutritious & hygienic meals, nurse on duty, opportunities for parental involvement, along with enrichment programmes make this a much needed support for parents and children.

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